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High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine

High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine

Advantages of High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine:
1. Optimized structure strengthening design: output per liter and torque per liter are superior to other similar engines.
2. Purchased parts and sections are all from high level domestic suppliers.
3. The water pump in the cooling system is gear-driven, which has a high efficiency and reliability, so engine overheat caused by failure of belt transmission is avoided. The dual-thermostat design further enhances the reliability of the cooling system.
4. Main maintenance parts as oil filters, fuel filters and high pressure fuel pumps, etc. are all mounted on the left side of the engine while inlet and outlet manifolds on the right side, making the maintenance more convenient.
5. Separate rear oil seal from flywheel housing results in convenient maintenance.
6. Good cold starting performance ensures the engine is simple to use.
7. The adoption of turbocharging and intercooling technology guarantees enough air intake for the engine
strong power: best power with minimum dimensions
Engines with power output ranging from 110 to 275PS, developed specially for on road vehicles can supply power for 2-10 tons trucks and 8-10 meters passenger cars.

Good fuel economy and environmental friendliness:
the fuel consumption is over 10% less than domestic similar products.
1. Ultra low oil consumption: the oil consumption rate is only 2 thousandth of the fuel consumption rate.
2. Low noises: The patented combustion system, the timing case cover made of special sound-proof composite, the cylinder head cover and the sump made of cast aluminum alloy and all grinded gears help to reduce noises.
3. High emission standard: we can supply whole engine products which can meet Euro III/Ⅳemission standard.

Excellent manufacture: good structure and reliable quality can be assured.
1. Modern production lines:more than 80% of the processing equipments are imported from Europe and America,these guarantee the process and assembly of precise parts.
2. Advanced sealing technology.
3. All bolts are self-locking, eliminating the need of washers and ensuring firm joints.
4. Dry cylinder liner honed by silicon carbide, top ring grooves with embedded heat-resistant alloy ring is covered with durable plasma molybdenum layer; all these special treatments enhance the abrasion resistance.

Technical Specifications of High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine:

Engine Model OE-D1 OE-D2
Model Information Four-stroke, Liquid Cooled, Vertical In-line, Direct Injection, Dry Liner
Number of Cylinders 4 6
Induction System Turbocharged and Air to Air Intercooled
Bore×Stroke (mm) 100×127 100×127
Displacement (L) 3.99 5.99
Firing Order 1-3-4-2 1-5-3-6-2-4
Compression Ratio 17.5:1 17.5:1
Rated Power /Speed(kW/rpm) 104/2500 156/2500
Peak Torque/Speed (Nm/rpm) 445/1400-1600 737/1400-1600
Min. Fuel Consumption (g/kWh) 202 202
Average Noise dB(A) 94 94
Emission Euro III Euro III
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 890×826×844 1175×796×850

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