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Vehicle Engine Series

  • High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine
  • High Pressure Common Rail Diesel EngineThe water pump in the cooling system is gear-driven, which has a high efficiency and reliability, so engine overheat caused by failure of belt transmission is avoided. The dual-thermostat design further enhances the reliability of the cooling system.
  • Compressed Natural Gas Engine
  • Compressed Natural Gas EngineAdvantages of Natural Gas Engine: Asdopting the electronic control multi-point injection and theoretic air and fuel ratio combustion strategy, the power performance and acceleration performance of NG engine are much higher than that of...
Other Products
  • Rotary Pump G-drive Diesel EngineStable governing performance: With the mechanical governor, speed governing rate≤5%; with the electronic governor, the governing performance is more stable, the speed fluctuation is smaller, speed governing rate≤1%.The optimized combustion system and...
  • Pipe Natural Gas G-drive EngineHigh Power Generating Quality.
    The stable power output and generating frequency can meet the requirement of G3 and G4 generating quality.
    Using natural gas as fuel, the fuel economy is higher.
    More smooth combustion and lower vibration noise.
  • Marine Auxiliary G-drive Diesel EngineThe diesel engines for marine application adopt the double closed cycle cooling system with the seawater cooling and freshwater cooling, which have the function of water temperature, fuel temperature, oil pressure and speed beyond limits alarm ...
  • Common Rail G-drive Diesel EngineHigh power generating quality - The stable power output and generating frequency can meet the requirements of G3 and G4 generating quality. Ultra-low fuel consumption - Adopting world advanced high pressure common rail and four-valve technology route...